What holds you back?

We’ve all been at a point where all we wanted was to move forward, but something kept holding us back. What was it? How can we get rid of it and keep growing? I’ve decided to make a list of the main reasons that hold people back, and looked for ways to overcome them. Keep reading to find out more!

Procrastination. This is the main reason why people who have got great potential don’t achieve success. Most of us have wonderful ideas, but, when it comes to real work, at times we “just don’t feel like doing it”. How can we stop it? There’s no magic here, the key is hard work. As soon as you have that great idea, start working on it. Don’t waste time, don’t postpone: there’s going to be no miracle unless you do something. To help you stick to hard work, you can schedule your tasks and make effective lists of goals. Learn how here.

Distraction. Distraction is a killer for production. How many times do you find yourself wondering what you’ll eat for lunch, or answering your e-mails, in place of actually working on your project? I know, right? Too many. How can you avoid distractions? Keep your workplace clean and tidy, switch off your phone, set internet controls, and, most importantly, write a list of the 5 main things you want to accomplish in your life. The rest is bullshit, don’t waste your time with projects that don’t help you achieve your dreams.

Fear. You really want that job, but you’re afraid that leaving your current job for an uncertain one could lead you to disoccupation. Well, you know what? You can settle, if that’s what you want. But don’t look back when you’re 50, don’t blame yourself for the decisions you did not make. Or, you can risk. Are you going to make it? Maybe. Are you, if you decide to settle? Surely not. This is your life, nobody can choose for you. Nobody has all the answers, but no great conquer comes without risks, remember it.

Doubts. You’ll have probably heard that, if you’re not sure about something, that’s not really what you want. Well, forget that. It’s normal to have doubts: about what you want, about yourself, about your possibilities. When I was fifteen, I wanted to go a year abroad. I went through hard selections and tests, and, at some point, started having doubts. Two days before the deadline, I decided to go for it ’till the end, and I made it, I went a year abroad, in Belgium, and it turned out to be the best decision I had ever made. This is what I mean: do I really want to go to that university? Is that the career I want? Will I be able to do that? Nobody knows, except you. Sit in the woods and ask yourself what it is you want. Camp outside, if you need to, but don’t head home without a decision.

Remember you are the one in control: don’t let procrastination, distraction, fear and doubts hold you back. Go for the life you dream about.

Did you find this article useful? What holds you back? Do you have tips on how to overcome it? Share them in the comments below!


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