How to eat better in 5 steps

Food plays a huge role in our everyday-life, therefore the way you eat influences yourself in diffrent ways. Here are five tips on how to better the way you eat and help you get closer to that life you’ve always wanted.

  • Plan your meals in advance. Consider your daily intake of calories (you can calculate it thanks to this site) and remeber the three macros you need to have are carbs, fats and proteins. Carbs are what gives you energy. They are formed both by the ones you usually call carbs (pasta, bread, rice etc.) and by fruits and vegetables. Fats are also important to make your body function properly: don’t cut them all out. They are contained in a lot of processed foods, but also in oil, avocado, nuts, salmon etc. Proteins are particularly important to build muscles, and they are mainly contained in meat, legumes, milk and cheese. Balance the three of them to get perfect results.
  • Prefer unprocessed foods to processed ones. By eating unprocessed foods you’ll be able to know better what goes into your body: remember Feuerbach’s teory we are what we eat.
  • Schedule one or two unhealthy meals every week: having some meals that aren’t under strict control will help you feel a lot less stressed and won’t affect your freedom.
  • Avoid drinks that contain sugar. Switch to water instead.
  • Don’t eat in front of the tv or your phone: it’s gonna distract you from feeling full when you are in fact, and will lead to a low appeciation of the food you’re nourishing your body with.

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