15 random acts of kindness

How many times do we want to be helpful, but don’t know what to do? Through the years, I’ve found out that some simple acts can be perceived as particularly positive and can have a great impact on other people’s lives. Remember: what doesn’t look like a great change to you may mean the world to others.

So, I’ve decided to make this list of random acts of kindness that don’t have that much of an impact on your day, but can improve someone else’s life. None of these requests for a lot of time, and many can be done within half an hour: no more excuses to make the world a better place!

Keep reading for ideas:

  • Smile at people when you walk past them on the streets. Not one of those creepy smiles strangers give you at times, but a genuine, simple smile. You won’t make someone’s day, but can for sure improve that moment.
  • Pick up trash. Heroes don’t get rewards: take care of the environment and pick up trash on the streets. You will be helpful to your community and will suddendly live in a cleaner space.
  • Put positive notes on mirrors. Whether you’re at home or in a public toilet, it will take you 2 minutes to come up with something nice that will definitely make someone’s day.
  • Always say please and thank you. You don’t need a reason to be kind: recognize people’s favours and thank them for their help.
  • Call your grandparents or a friend you haven’t seen in a while. Do you remember that big smile on your grandmother’s face when you were a kid and spent the day with her? Don’t forget about her and call once in a while.
  • Bring chocolate to a friend who’s been really busy lately. Ask yourself what you would appreciate in moments of intense stress and do it for your friends. Chocolate is just an idea, something that I personally would appreciate a lot and that doesn’t ask for a lot of time.
  • Cook a meal for your family or for your housemates. If you want to be extra, ask them about their favourite meal and cook it, otherwise just make them find a warm meal when they come home from work or from school.
  • Bake cookies for a friend. Baking always is a fun activity. Bring the cookies over to a friend and eat them together with them.
  • Do all the housework by yourself. Make your parents or housemates find a perfect house when they come home, they’ll surely appreciate it.
  • Donate stuff you don’t use anymore. There are clothes you’ve bought years ago that still find place in your closet, but you haven’t worn for ages. Donate them, someone will surely appreciate what you don’t need anymore.
  • Walk or cuddle a pet. Not only will you exercise and relax, but it will make the pet feel loved too.
  • Write a kind text message to someone. It will take around five minutes and will make people feel extremely valued and loved.
  • Send anonymous flowers. People love flowers, they light up the house and contribute to the positive vibes.
  • Buy a little present for your siblings. Remember them they’re loved by buying something you know they will like.
  • Volunteer your time. Whether you’re giving out food, clothes or helping kids with their homework, it will be totally worth it: not only will you help people in need, but you’ll also master new skills and learn to listen. You can find an article on why you should totally volunteer your time here.

Do you have other ideas or suggestions? Feel free to write them in the comments below!