Housework schedule

How often do you find yourself overwhelmed by all those occupations and activities you have in your life? How often do you need to take a break, even just for a day, to catch up with the ironing, the washing, cleaning the bathroom, prepping meals for the week?

Breathe: we’ve all been there. No need to stress out: have you ever thought that, if just you were able to copy with those things one by one, your life would be so much easier? At times, the easiest hacks can have a great impact on the quality of your life: once, when I was overwhelmed by all the occupations in my life, I decided to write down a list of what I really needed to do (if you need help on writing your own list, you can find it here). I suddendly felt better: the anxiety of forgetting something was gone, and writing my list on paper made it possible for me to organize the tasks one by one.

This article is especially written for all of you who struggle with time management and getting all the little occupations in their lives done. The idea behind this is easy: break the tasks into little steps everyday, and don’t miss out day by day. If you cannot do everything you planned, don’t stress: we’re human, and, remember, your house won’t fall into pieces if you don’t clean the bathroom for once.

Housework is something we all have to do, so I’m going to use a housework schedule to provide an example of an effective list of stuff to do: you can use it too, or adapt it to your needs, adding or letting stuff out.

  • Monday
    • Wash blankets
    • Get rid of dust
    • Tidy the rooms
  • Tuesday
    • Vacuum
    • Mop
    • Take rubbish out
  • Wednesday
    • Bills and taxes
    • Check the kids’ grades and extra activities
    • Laundry
  • Thursday
    • Clean the kitchen
    • Water plants
    • Do the ironing
  • Friday
    • Clean the bathroom
    • Tidy the rooms
    • Take the rubbish out
  • Saturday
    • Laundry
    • Grocery
  • Sunday
    • Do the ironing
    • Meal prepping for the week
    • Water plants
  • Every evening
    • Load dishwasher
    • Quick tidy of rooms

This one works pretty well for me, since everyday I only have small tasks to do, and in that way I manage to run the house without overstressig. Remember that, on the same level, you can write your own lists of goals to accomplish and organize your life completely. (Check out this article if you need help).

Let us know in the comments if this schedule works for you too, and, if you have ideas to improve it, don’t be afraid to point them out!