How to reorganize your closet

As you know, the purpose of this blog is to provide a safe place for all. So, along with analysis of mental illnesses and tips on how to deal with various problems in life, I’ve thought it useful to write a piece on how to reorganize your closet, a decision you usually make when starting again or, more commonly, when you need to get your life together.

Below, you’ll find ten tips to have a completely different closet and simplify your life.

  • Get rid of the items you don’t use anymore. When I say “get rid” I don’t mean you have to throw them away: try selling them on particular sites for clothing and accessories, give them to a friend or donate them to those in need. This way, not only will you free yourself from stuff you haven’t used in over a year, but you’ll also make some money out of it or help who’s less lucky.
  • Make a list of what you need. Avoid buying every piece of clothing you like, instead make a list of what you absolutely need in your wardrobe.
  • Discover your style. A lot of people basically conform to the general fashion of the period: be different. Discover items and piece f clothig from different years and decide what to keep from today’s fashion. Don’t be afraid of wearing 80’s fashion if you like it, being ourselves is what makes us cool.
  • Write down what the basics are for you. There are some pieces of clothing that are useful in different occasions and we should always own. For example, invest in an elegant dress that fits you well and you can use in different occasions. Also, remember not to underestimate owning at least one elegant pair of shoes and, on the other side, a pair of boots.
  • Go shopping for what you need with a friend. A friend you trust is absolutely necessary when buying new clothes. They’ll help you find out what fits you better if they’re honest, so ask them to be. Inform them about what you need, and ask them to stop you from buying unnecessary stuff.
  • Be informed about the new styles. Not because you have to buy all the new stuff that comes out, but because you could discover some interesting pieces that complete your wardrobe, or help you develop your style.
  • Organize your wardrobe so that you are able to reach everything and can visualize your clothes without difficulties. Keep the underwear in a drawer, together with the socks, and hang the dresses.
  • Don’t put dirty clothes back in your wardrobe. I know this may seem obvious, but if you still do it, please stop. Dirty clothes need to be washed, no matter if it’s a little stain or a big one.
  • Question your style at times and don’t be afraid of change, but, at the same time, question yourself when you feel like buying a new piece of clothing on whether you really need it.

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