Morning habits to start your day right

When you don’t feel like getting up, the struggle is real. Here is a list of 10 habits to start your day with full energy and keep yourself productive through the whole day: let’s start!

  • Get up early. How earlier, how better. Waking up early allows you to prepare yourself for the day and to wake up together with the sun.
  • Don’t snooze. When your alarm rings, no matter how you slept or how tired you feel, you must get up. You don’t wanna be late, and you don’t want to lay in bed the whole day. Come on, open that window and smell the coffee.
  • Drink water first thing in the morning. You already know how important it is to keep yourself hydrated. Take care of your body and drink water after a long night of no water.
  • Make your bed. Making your bed gives you a good feeling about the room, and gets you in the mood of doing useful stuff.
  • Work out or meditate. Working out boosts your mood and makes you feel full of energy for the day. Working out in the morning is also more effective than doing it during the day.
  • Wash your face and/or your body. Make sure to wake yourself up through a cold shower, and wash off the fatigue.
  • Eat a healthy breakfast. Though it’s not true that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, it still covers our need of energy for the morning. Make sure to nourish your body: prefer fruit, smoothies, yogurt, dark chocolate and wholegrain bread to snacks and heavy ingredients. You can find a guide on how to eat better here.
  • Wear clothes that make you feel comfortable and proud of yourself. Looks aren’t everything, but they help. Make sure to wear something that makes you feel at your best and walk proudly into the office. You can find a guide on how to reorganize your closet and make sure you’re wearing what fits you best here.
  • Boost your mood with music. Music is great to start the day right. Listen to it while you get ready or drive to your workplace and sing along if you feel comfortabe doing it. Want some suggestions for music? Here are 5 songs for social change.
  • Repeat a mantra. Believe in yourself and remind yourself what a beautiful person you are every morning. Try something like this: “I am proud of myself for how far I’ve come. I’m grateful for who I am, what I have and the people I’m surrounded with. I’m working on myself, for myself, and I’ll succeed in improving who I am and in reaching my goals.”

10 habits to make your life better

Getting stuck in a place is one of the worst things to experience, in particular if it’s a psychological state. Most of the time, change is actually possible through little steps to better yourself day by day.

  • Eat better: you don’t realize how much of an impact eating makes on your life until you start eating better. You can find out how to change your habits meal by meal here.
  • Get enough sleep. Sleep is such an underestimated aspect of our life. Most of the time, we don’t understand the importance of having a regular sleeping schedule and the benefits it can have on our bodies. Sleep is the battery we have to recharge, it’s a moment to let our mind relax and run free and it contributes to a large variety of bodily functions.
  • Learn a new skill every month. If food and sleep are important for the body, learning a new skill every month will help your mind stay young and focused on your life goals. You can find a list of underrated skills that will better your life here.
  • Drink more water and less alcohol. I know, your friends drink and you can’t refuse champagne at a party, but try to keep alcohol for special occasions. Alcohol alters your bodily functions, while water is necessary to keep you at your best.
  • Move your body. Your body is made to be moved. Your mind quits a lot earlier than your body does: kick yourself out of the sofa and go for a walk, you will feel a lot better after it. Consider scheduling at least three workouts/walks every week, ask a friend to start a new sport program together.
  • Declutter your house, your car, your desk at work. Throw away all those unnecessary things that you’ve kept “just in case” and have used once in the last three years. Clean your wardrobe, donate those clothes that you don’t use anymore, you can also try to sell the ones in good conditions to a second-hand shop and get some money out of it.
  • Focus on a big goal. Choose a goal that’s important for you to accomplish and focus on it. Invest your energy in a long-time plan and put all your effort in achieving that big goal. Three years from now, you’ll thank yourself.
  • Plan your days. Planning your days will help you stay focused on what’s important or what you actually want. It will help you avoid distractions, manage your time and put you ahead of work. You can find out how to write an effective list of goals here.
  • Set internet controls. It’s difficult, at times, to keep track of the time we waste on the internet. Don’t get me wrong, the web is a beautiful place if you use it wisely, but how often do you find yourself scrolling through instagram or facebook? Reduce the time you spend that way and invest it on a new hobby.
  • Read a new book every month. Your mind needs to be fed, and reading is a great way to do it. Choose books of the topics that you’re interested in the most and, in the beginning, try to force yourself into reading. Remember it takes 21 days to build a habit: don’t quit. You can find a list of great books to read here.